Digital consent that provides patients with quality education while it protects physicians against excessive exposure

How SIGNUM works


Medical assistant hands patient an iPad or tablet.


How SIGNUM works


Patient watches videos that clearly explain the procedure they are about to undergo, including the risks and benefits.

How SIGNUM works


Patient is still given the opportunity to talk to the doctor, and need be, ask any questions.

How SIGNUM works


Patient and doctor sign the digital version of the hospital’s consent form.

How SIGNUM works


Signed consent goes straight into EHR.
Procedure is ready to begin.

Everyone likes SIGNUM



Doctors like SIGNUM because it relieves them from a time-consuming and repetitive task so they can do what they get paid to do: practice medicine.



Patients like SIGNUM because understanding the procedure puts them at ease and fosters a postive experience, which in turn, contributes to better outcomes.



Hospitals like SIGNUM because it is an iron clad consent. They know that each patient is being consented consistently with the same vetted information.

Using SIGNUM will protect physicians from unnecessary interactions with [infected] patients.

What doctors are saying...

In contrast to EHR’s…I am not aware of any good coupling of educational content with collecting consent. Signum really does that…it puts your mind at ease in terms of risk management around procedures.

Wayne Shreffler, MD, PhD

Director of the Food Allergy Center
Massachusetts General Hospital for Children
Boston, MA

Feedback from our study patients suggests that they have a much better understanding of what they are going to participate in than they would have had if they just read words on a page...they can see what it will be like to partake in the research.

Dr Andrew Taylor, PhD

Director of the Cardiovascular Research Laboratory
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Cambridge, MA

Our Team

Al Davis, Co-Founder

Al Davis

Co Founder / Business Development

Robin Friedman, Co-Founder

Robin Friedman

Co Founder / Product Design

SIGNUM on the Move

March 2020COVID 19 Pandemic closes down Boston.
Feb 2020SIGNUM enters Harvard innovation lab’s Venture Incubation Program.
Oct 2019David Rosenwein joins our team as our strategic advisor.
Aug 2019Yonatan Keschner joins our team as our Medical Director. Yonatan is a senior resident at MGH-BWH, with a deep interest and experience in digital innovation and system design.
Dec 2018SIGNUM is selected as a finalist in MassChallenge HealthTech, Boston, with Brigham and Women’s and Massachusetts General Hospital as Champions.
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